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For over forty years, I have worn something that is a constant reminder of my greatest human joy in life. It's a simple gold wedding ring, shaped, of course, as a circle—a symbol of our never ending love for each other. Some call your wedding ring a sign of commitment or covenant.

This ring does two things for me.

First, it's a visual aid for when I committed myself to Norma. I tell others that my wedding ring proclaims that I belong to Norma for life. And it also holds another meaning for me.

Jesus stated He endured the pain of the cross for the joy set before Him. My commitment to Norma includes every good and bad experience we have been through together. We are both very opposite in personality and we are both very human. Speaking for myself, I make a lot of errors in judgment and it impacts Norma most of the time. But because of the joy of our relationship we are committed for life! The greater joy comes when we both operate in forgiveness and grace. Our joy builds daily because we are both committed and we love each other. Joy is that inner gladness that God is in control and He is using you to love someone else. For me, God provides tremendous joy as I keep loving Norma and she keeps loving me!

Have you recognized lately how much joy comes from your spouse? Do you let them know that? Your words of encouragement could make huge deposits in your marriage today.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
3 John 4

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