Love Is a Decision

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If your marriage relationship doesn't have a destination, how will you know when you arrive? And why wait for love to materialize out of stardust, when you could choose excitement and romance—now?

There is a simple yet profound plan for a marriage of depth and warmth and excitement! Plan, you ask? Exactly! Good marriages are no accident. The rules are simple enough, you just need them outlined for you to follow in a profound guide. Tough times can strike any family relationship. But deciding to love—in practical ways outlined here—can result in relationships that are tougher than tough times.

Six elements to staying in love, included in Love Is a Decision, are:

  1. Making your spouse feel truly honored
  2. Learning the art of touching—tenderly
  3. Keeping courtship alive in your marriage
  4. Re-opening a heart closed by anger
  5. Building—or rebuilding—trust in a relationship
  6. Becoming best friends with your family

These six elements are the keys to Love. Love is not an emotion, love is not a feeling, love is not happen-stance. Love is a Decision. Love is waking up every day committed to honoring your mate by implementing the above six keys. If you want to have a great relationship, guess what, it's up to you.

We see so many couples come through our live events and counseling sessions who want us to "fix" them. They are wanting a better, more fun-filled and intimate marriage, but they don't know how to reach it. The most common and most fundamental thing these couples are lacking is the knowledge that love is a decision.

If you want to wake up each and every morning excited about your marriage, then deciding to do this is the first step. If you don't know how to make this first, most basic step, then Love Is a Decision will help you get there!

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