Painting a Picture with Words

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By Gary Smalley
Apr 4, 2003, 13:01

If you feel like your husband doesn't really understand what you say, especially when the subject has to do with emotions, try using a word picture. Here are a few examples:

*To express your appreciation for his love: Your love for me is like a huge glass of iced tea on a hot summer day. It's cool and crisp, and its refreshment restores my strength and quences the thirst of my dry, dusty soul.

*To tell him you feel overlooked: When we were first married, I felt like a beautiful, handcrafted, leather-bound, gold-trimmed book that had been presented to you as a gift from God. At first I was received with great enthusiasm and excitement--cherished, talked about, shared with others, and handled with care. As time has gone by, I've been put on the bookshelf to collect dust. Once in a while you remember I'm here. But if only you would take me off the shelf and open me up! If only you would see how much more I have to offer you.

*To tell him you love him: There have been times over the years when I've faced hailstorms that I thought would turn into tornadoes. But like the shelter of a storm cellar, I can always run to you to protect me from hardship. You're as solid as a rock, and I know you'll always be there when the storm clouds blow into my life.

*To tell him you feel overworked: The Super Bowl is over and the players file into the locker room. Dirty uniforms are thrown on the floor, along with dirty socks and muddy cleats. The players shower and slowly file out, leaving me behind. Not only do I have to clean up the mess, but no one even knows I'm here doing it.

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