The Two Sides of Love

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Do you and your loved ones sometimes seem miles apart? Do you long for greater affection in your most important relationships? Do you wonder what makes commitments last in an age of throwaway marriages and friendships?

The key to all these concerns is understanding and using each other's personality strengths to create a healthy balance between love's hard and soft sides. The Two Sides of Love shows you how to move toward a wholehearted love that will enrich all your relationships.

Many times unhealthy or unsatisfying relationships can be traced to a lack of understanding - a lack of knowledge of each other. In order to successfully communicate your needs and desires to your mate or other significant relationship, there has to be understanding of who you are and why you "do the things you do".

This can be accomplished by knowing your specific personality trait, which you will learn reading this book, and applying your new found knowledge of yourself and your mate to the relationship. This new understanding will finally enlighten you to the madness behind your own actions and the actions of your mate.

When we teach the personality traits at conferences, we focus on teaching our audience who they are and why they are so valuable, but then follow this by teaching them why the differences in their mate is so valuable. Here is where true intimacy can take form, when you recognize the value in your mate's differences and stop trying to make your mate be someone he or she is not.

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