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Let's Roll!: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage

Lisa Beamer with Ken Abraham

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On September 11, 2001, Todd Beamer and his fellow passengers overpowered the terrorists who had overtaken Flight 93. Because of their courageous actions, a victory over terrorism was won, saving the lives of many and preventing even greater anguish for the nation. In the days and months following September 11, the nation saw the equally courageous testimony of Lisa Beamer, Toddís widow, as she told of her unshakable faith in God in the midst of overwhelming personal loss. What is the reason for Lisaís hope? How does she face each new day as she raises her three young children? Lisa shares:

We all have the choice to look at the things weíve lost or to look at the things we have, to become bitter or to become better, to live in fear or to live in hope. Iíve chosen to live in hope, not because Iím a strong person but because of the heavenly, eternal perspective that God has given me. Lately Iíve been trying to look at the bigger picture, to discover what Iím supposed to learn from all this. Probably the most important truth is that my security must be in God rather than in anything or anyone in this world.

Think about it: the World Trade Center represented economic power, success, and security; yet it was shaken and destroyed in one hour or less. The Pentagon is the symbol of our nationís military might; yet it, too, proved vulnerable. Where can we find true security these days?

I have found safety and security in a loving heavenly Father, who cannot be shaken, who will never leave me or forsake me, and in whom I can trust completely. For those looking for hope, I recommend grabbing the hand of your heavenly Father as tightly as possible, like a little child does with his parent. God is a hero who will always be there when you need him.

Itís true that Todd and the other heroes aboard Flight 93 gave their lives that others might be saved. But if somehow they had known what was awaiting them, and they had been given a choice early that September morning, I doubt that any of them would have boarded that flight. Even in the midst of the hijacking, right down to the moment when Todd uttered his now-famous phrase, ďLetís roll!Ē the true desire of his heart and that of all the others aboard Flight 93 was to somehow get home to their loved ones. They didnít want to die.

Yet there was one who came to earth knowing ahead of time that his most important purpose in living would be accomplished only through his dying. He knew throughout his life and at the height of his career that no matter how well he performed, no matter how many people he helped, he was destined to dieóto give his life so many others might find true life, abundant life here on earth, and eternal life in heaven to come.

But he really didnít want to die either. In fact, as he prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, just outside Jerusalemís city walls, Jesus begged God, ďFather, if there is any other wayÖ let this cup pass from me.Ē Finally he said, ďNot my will but yours be done.Ē That was Godís plan.

I donít think Todd chose to die, but he did choose for Godís will to be done in his life. Knowing that, he stepped into the aisle of that plane, trusting by faith that regardless of what happened, God would be true to his Word. Before he took that first step, Todd knew where he was going, even if he should die. He had built his life on a firm foundation.

Jesus once told a story about two men who built new housesóone on the rock and one on the sand. When the storm came, the house on the sand fell with a great crash. The two houses were constructed of similar materials and weathered similar storms, but the difference in the outcome was based on the foundation, the core.

If you live long enough, youíre bound to encounter some rough storms. No one is immune to tragedy in this life. The house is the same, the storm is the same, but what makes the difference is the foundation. Toddís foundation was securely built on his relationship with Jesus Christ. When everything in his life was shaken, his foundation remained sound. The question each of us must answer, sooner or later, is this: How secure is the foundation on which Iím building my life?

If, like Todd and Lisa Beamer, you want to begin building your life on a firm foundationóa personal relationship with Jesus Christóyou might pray something like this:

Dear Jesus, thank You for coming to die on the cross for my sins. Thank You for giving Your life to save me. Thank You for the promise of Heaven and eternal life. Help me to weather the storms of life with the strength, peace, and hope that only You can give. Amen.

Excerpted from Letís Roll! by Lisa Beamer with Ken Abraham. ©2002 by Lisa Beamer. Cover photo ©2002 by C. David Edmonson. Text and photo used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers. All rights reserved.

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