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December 29, 1999

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1, NIV

I have to admit I had a twinge of apprehension about becoming the new CO Singles Connection columnist. Don't get me wrong: I'm passionate about encouraging singles and reminding the world that not everyone has a spouse, two kids, a minivan, and matching china. I love to write and I love people. So what was the problem?

It felt like I was signing up to be the poster child for the single life. Not only would I have to 'fess up to some of the not-so-glamorous (or just downright pathetic!) parts of my single life, I was a bit concerned about how long this gig will last. I mean, how long do you want me as the SINGLES columnist, God? Are we talking months? Years? Dare I ask, decades?

Let's face it, singleness could be one of the most amazing periods of our life - IF we knew it was only temporary. Instead of spending precious time and energy searching for Mr. or Ms. Right or languishing in our loneliness, we'd embrace the unique freedoms and blessings of this phase of life. But embracing our singleness is difficult to do when we're silently fearing it's a permanent gig.

Well, an amazing thing happened when I decided to embrace my singleness and become the singles columnist. God showered me with surprise blessings - through you! I've received welcoming, encouraging, and inspiring e-mails from more than 100 of you faithful Singles Connection readers. And I can't say a big enough thanks - to you or to God, who loves us and wants to use us and bless us in whatever phase of life we're in.

So, as we approach the new millennium, I - your poster child - have a challenge for you. What would happen if YOU fully embraced your singleness? What would happen if you laid aside your fears and longings and surrendered this phase of life to God? I know he'd do amazing things through each and every one of you. And I have more than 100 e-mails to prove it!

Millennium Blessings!
Camerin Courtney

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