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1A Reason for Hope5/29/2024 19:50:365389
2A Soldier's Journey of Faith: Major General David H. Hicks, Army Chief of Chaplains5/27/2024 13:17:588094
3Amazing Grace5/29/2024 21:12:116528
4Carlos Beltran: Dreaming Big!5/27/2024 13:20:585147
5Cassie Bernall: She Said Yes5/29/2024 6:54:489294
6Danny Wuerffel: There's More to Life5/29/2024 3:49:65220
7Darrell Green: Life in the Fast Lane5/29/2024 22:24:167609
8David Robinson: Living The Dream5/29/2024 18:1:256298
9Deion Sanders: Chasing the Wind5/29/2024 18:42:710799
10Final Call5/28/2024 4:49:355210
11Finding Satisfaction in God5/27/2024 13:18:226943
12God Allows U-Turns5/28/2024 3:48:446898
13I'm Still Learning to Forgive5/29/2024 23:42:138684
14Jeff Gordon: What Drives Your Life?5/29/2024 21:24:18490
15Kurt Warner: First Things First5/29/2024 18:39:456142
16Let's Roll!: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage5/27/2024 13:26:147141
17Living with Hope - No Matter What Life Throws at You0
18Michael Chang: The Ultimate Victory5/29/2024 23:15:256444
19Michelle Akers: Eyes on the Prize5/29/2024 23:52:577447
20Orel Hershiser: All I Ever Wanted5/29/2024 20:55:5510784
21Payne Stewart: A Changed Heart5/29/2024 23:53:1520466
22Ruthie Bolton-Holifield: Lessons for Life5/29/2024 4:33:66907
23The Legacy of the Star-Spangled Banner5/27/2024 13:18:546504
24Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light5/29/2024 19:57:108929
25Through the Flames: The Willis Family Story5/29/2024 20:46:291089
26Tom Landry: A Tribute to America's Coach5/30/2024 0:8:127428
27Why5/27/2024 13:41:426255
28Will I See You at the Top?5/27/2024 13:20:65768

Receive Christ Prayer:

Lord, thank you for loving me and coming to earth to show us the way. I believe you died to pay for my sin and You were raised from the dead to give me eternal life. I want to turn from my sin and place my faith in You right now. Please come into my life and be my Savior and Lord. Show me how to live and help me to follow you always. In Your name I pray. Amen.

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