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110 Disciplines of a Godly Man5/29/2024 9:32:2610009
210 Disciplines of a Godly Woman5/27/2024 13:49:2616611
3A Call to Thanksgiving5/29/2024 0:32:264858
4A Christmas Letter5/27/2024 14:10:185082
5A Christmas Message5/28/2024 14:37:45075
6A Christmas Prayer5/29/2024 4:25:214237
7A Father's Love5/29/2024 20:34:217806
8A Father's Love0
9A Heart Like a Garden5/27/2024 14:7:195205
10A Mother's Love5/27/2024 13:48:305019
11A Prayer for Thanksgiving5/29/2024 19:29:4221381
12A Reason for Hope5/29/2024 19:50:365389
13A Season of Thanksgiving5/28/2024 23:21:58582
14A Simple Outline of God's Way of Salvation0
15A Soldier's Journey of Faith: Major General David H. Hicks, Army Chief of Chaplains5/27/2024 13:17:588094
16A Time for Everything5/27/2024 14:7:263172
17A Valentine for You5/27/2024 14:6:134401
18A Valentine Secret!5/27/2024 14:5:383941
19A Visit from Heaven5/27/2024 14:10:144343
20AIDS: Consider the Big Picture5/28/2024 12:55:593621
21Amazing Grace5/29/2024 21:12:116528
22Amazing Love!5/27/2024 14:7:463975
23An Easter Gift for Jennie5/27/2024 23:40:463864
24And God Made You Too!5/27/2024 13:43:394213
25Are You Ready5/27/2024 14:15:424006
26Beyond Today5/29/2024 4:23:433668
27Bible Basics for New Believers5/29/2024 20:5:87821
28Birthday Fun Bash5/27/2024 13:43:23731
29Born Again5/27/2024 14:11:263933
30Called to be Mothers5/29/2024 23:42:3411655
31Can I Be Forgiven?5/29/2024 22:10:506316
32Can Prayer Save America?5/29/2024 20:59:256026
33Carlos Beltran: Dreaming Big!5/27/2024 13:20:585147
34Cassie Bernall: She Said Yes5/29/2024 6:54:489294
35Celebrate Easter5/27/2024 14:8:23967
36Celebrate Your Birthday!5/29/2024 11:57:18046
37Celebrating Easter in the End Times5/27/2024 14:8:585136
38Christmas Blessings to You5/27/2024 14:9:424309
39Come To The Light5/28/2024 5:29:203985
40Comfort From the Bible5/27/2024 14:11:184374
41Creator: Faith or Fiction?5/28/2024 23:44:154073
42Dad, We Really Need You5/27/2024 14:16:224736
43Danny Wuerffel: There's More to Life5/29/2024 3:49:65220
44Darrell Green: Life in the Fast Lane5/29/2024 22:24:167609
45David Robinson: Living The Dream5/29/2024 18:1:256298
46Dear Graduate5/29/2024 22:33:543992
47Deion Sanders: Chasing the Wind5/29/2024 18:42:710799
48Dinosaur Fun Park5/29/2024 23:4:04044
49Divorce-Proof Your Marriage5/27/2024 14:7:344785
50Do Good People Go to Heaven?5/29/2024 5:37:125513
51Don't Be Left Behind5/29/2024 16:35:305052
52Don't Give Up on God5/29/2024 19:42:126117
53Easter Is a Happy Time!5/27/2024 14:7:586657
54Easter: The Day that Changed the World5/29/2024 3:28:194906
55Enduring Freedom5/27/2024 14:14:423586
56Eternity5/29/2024 11:4:464361
57Everlasting Joy5/29/2024 22:39:465692
58Face It, It's Empty5/27/2024 14:7:544302
59Famous Last Words5/29/2024 18:24:394080
60Final Call5/28/2024 4:49:355210
61Finding Satisfaction in God5/27/2024 13:18:226943
62Finding Your Way Home5/29/2024 19:40:184455
63For the Long Haul5/28/2024 16:57:584412
64Four Things God Wants You to Know5/27/2024 15:7:444618
65Frogs!5/29/2024 18:34:155754
66God Allows U-Turns5/28/2024 3:48:446898
67God Cares for You!5/27/2024 14:6:224524
68God Knows My Name5/27/2024 13:43:304563
69Good News!5/27/2024 14:13:513728
70Halloween: Trick or Truth?5/27/2024 14:9:384102
71Happy Birthday5/27/2024 15:51:93141
72Happy New Year!5/27/2024 14:13:424900
73Have You Been Born Again?: What the Bible Really TeachesÂ…5/28/2024 17:35:3310291
74He Arose!5/29/2024 20:3:35942
75He Did This Just For You5/27/2024 14:8:464373
76He is Alive!5/28/2024 8:13:533859
77Heaven5/27/2024 14:14:344497
78Hope for a New Year5/27/2024 14:9:345189
79How Many Days Till Christmas?5/29/2024 23:24:5721960
80How to Become a Christian5/27/2024 14:12:143594
81How to Grow in the Christian Life5/27/2024 13:15:305610
82How to Have a Happy Home5/29/2024 18:20:226124
83How to Know the Will of God5/29/2024 15:12:547073
84How to Practice God's Presence5/29/2024 15:12:468170
85How to Share Your Faith in Christ5/27/2024 14:10:365975
86How to Talk with God in Prayer5/30/2024 0:8:217763
87How to Use Tracts Effectively5/29/2024 23:24:587015
88I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life5/27/2024 14:14:268526
89I Must Tell You This5/27/2024 14:13:383588
90I'm Still Learning to Forgive5/29/2024 23:42:138684
91Importance of the Resurrection5/29/2024 5:12:125166
92In God We Trust5/29/2024 22:46:113665
93In Search of Truth5/27/2024 14:13:24250
94Is There a God?5/27/2024 17:29:115055
95Jeff Gordon: What Drives Your Life?5/29/2024 21:24:18490
96Jesus Is Alive!5/28/2024 2:6:84128
97Keep Hope Alive0
98Kids, You Are Special5/27/2024 13:43:273932
99Kurt Warner: First Things First5/29/2024 18:39:456142
100Let's Be Thankful5/27/2024 14:12:544738
101Let's Roll!: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage5/27/2024 13:26:147141
102Living with Hope - No Matter What Life Throws at You0
103Love for a Lifetime5/28/2024 13:33:264292
104Love IsÂ…5/27/2024 13:53:78131
105Love Languages5/27/2024 14:6:147561
106Love Worth Finding5/28/2024 22:17:54189
107Love: Looking for the Real Thing?5/27/2024 14:6:24275
108Love's Greatest Triumph5/27/2024 14:7:506286
109Meet My Friend5/27/2024 14:14:223017
110Michael Chang: The Ultimate Victory5/29/2024 23:15:256444
111Michelle Akers: Eyes on the Prize5/29/2024 23:52:577447
112Mom: There's No Substitute for You0
113More Precious than Gold5/27/2024 14:13:143406
114More Than a Carpenter5/29/2024 21:26:245198
115More to Life?5/27/2024 14:6:504598
116Most of All, Jesus Loves You!5/29/2024 15:12:595211
117New Year's Resolutions5/27/2024 14:13:346072
118No Greater Love: The Story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter5/29/2024 22:29:1610632
119No One Accepts Me5/27/2024 13:47:375627
120One Nation Under God5/27/2024 14:15:104048
121One Solitary Life5/29/2024 19:32:94560
122Orel Hershiser: All I Ever Wanted5/29/2024 20:55:5510784
123Our God is Awesome!5/27/2024 14:5:503799
124Payne Stewart: A Changed Heart5/29/2024 23:53:1520466
125Peace in the Middle East5/28/2024 22:23:213623
126Portrait of a Father5/27/2024 14:12:64606
127Portrait of a Mother0
128Praise Him!5/28/2024 12:56:195142
129Prince of Peace5/28/2024 18:50:08636
130Promises for Fathers5/27/2024 14:4:306497
131Promises for Mothers5/27/2024 13:49:182020
132Promises for Soldiers5/29/2024 21:21:133559
133Promises for Students5/27/2024 13:46:227113
134Quest for Joy5/28/2024 10:49:204728
135Rejoice, Christ Lives!5/29/2024 14:29:576195
136Religious But Not Right with God5/27/2024 14:12:24327
137Ride to Freedom5/27/2024 14:7:23718
138Ruthie Bolton-Holifield: Lessons for Life5/29/2024 4:33:66907
139Say Yes To Life5/27/2024 14:11:583476
140Set Free5/27/2024 14:14:183425
141Someone Cares5/29/2024 18:52:433722
142Take A Tip5/27/2024 14:5:183090
143Taste & See5/29/2024 12:55:183598
144Thank You5/27/2024 14:13:262799
145Thanksgiving Memories5/27/2024 14:12:494804
146The Amazing Butterfly5/27/2024 13:42:585547
147The Amazing Starfish5/29/2024 18:31:3910404
148The Beginning of the End5/28/2024 10:51:424944
149The Best Father Ever5/27/2024 14:11:107447
150The Best Treat5/28/2024 12:53:203520
151The Boy Who Lost His Boat5/29/2024 19:3:1718380
152The Cross5/27/2024 14:8:506080
153The Cure5/27/2024 14:15:543443
154The Empty Tomb5/27/2024 14:8:544365
155The Flag I Love5/27/2024 14:58:223305
156The Gift5/27/2024 14:14:144359
157The God You Can Know5/27/2024 14:12:443987
158The Good News of Christmas5/27/2024 14:9:284538
159The Good News of Easter5/27/2024 14:8:343834
160The Hidden Treat5/27/2024 14:9:223245
161The Incomparable Christ5/27/2024 14:9:183691
162The Legacy of the Star-Spangled Banner5/27/2024 13:18:546504
163The Legend of St. Valentine5/30/2024 0:28:467777
164The Light of Christmas5/28/2024 22:36:124748
165The Lighthouse5/29/2024 1:1:126079
166The Little Snowflake5/29/2024 22:18:449153
167The Lord Is My Shepherd5/29/2024 21:35:566127
168The Matchless Pearl5/28/2024 23:39:244413
169The Meaning of Easter5/29/2024 8:49:3110662
170The Miracle of Christmas5/27/2024 14:9:144421
171The Most Amazing Gift5/29/2024 1:2:435146
172The Most Important Choice You'll Ever Make5/27/2024 14:13:584350
173The Passion of Jesus Christ5/29/2024 23:27:3110159
174The Prayer of Jesus5/27/2024 14:9:107101
175The Promise of Christmas5/30/2024 0:35:538792
176The Promise of Heaven5/28/2024 17:9:388171
177The Spirit of Christmas5/27/2024 14:11:344956
178The Steps to Heaven0
179The Story of Handel's Messiah5/29/2024 18:33:179032
180The Story of Silent Night5/29/2024 23:25:306942
181The Story of St. Nicholas5/29/2024 4:15:436664
182The Touch of the Master's Hand0
183The True Meaning of Christmas5/27/2024 14:4:469007
184The Way to God5/28/2024 16:30:442050
185The Wonder of Christmas5/27/2024 14:10:504302
186Think of Your Heavenly Father Speaking to You5/27/2024 14:6:263964
187Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light5/29/2024 19:57:108929
188Through the Flames: The Willis Family Story5/29/2024 20:46:291089
189Tom Landry: A Tribute to America's Coach5/30/2024 0:8:127428
190Tomorrow May Be Too Late5/27/2024 14:9:584149
191Tomorrow May Be Too Late!5/29/2024 19:24:268081
192Trick or Treat5/28/2024 13:43:593999
193Under Attack5/28/2024 6:26:43449
194What a Friend We Have in Jesus5/28/2024 21:59:528746
195What Do You Want For Christmas5/27/2024 14:10:463825
196What If . . .5/27/2024 20:14:103217
197What Is a Mother?5/27/2024 13:50:145461
198What's in Your Bag?5/28/2024 15:3:164169
199When I Think of Heaven5/28/2024 17:20:434472
200Where Are You Going?5/29/2024 13:28:76317
201Where to Look in the Bible5/27/2024 14:15:345357
202Where Will You Spend Eternity?5/28/2024 22:27:184776
203Which Church Saves?5/29/2024 12:7:23971
204Who Can Be Sure of Heaven?5/29/2024 7:5:133823
205Who Is This Jesus?5/27/2024 15:42:524328
206Why5/27/2024 13:41:426255
207Why Did This Happen to Me?5/27/2024 14:15:463538
208Why Does God Allow War?5/28/2024 23:3:276364
209Why Should I Go to Church?5/27/2024 14:7:65876
210Wicca: Right or Wrong?5/27/2024 14:15:305540
211Will I See You at the Top?5/27/2024 13:20:65768
212Will You Be a Survivor?5/29/2024 12:23:173653
213Winning the Race5/27/2024 14:10:323087
214Words of Comfort5/27/2024 14:10:264728
215You Are Precious in His Sight5/29/2024 19:3:225883
216You Are Someone Special5/27/2024 14:5:545983
217You Can Be Guilt Free5/27/2024 14:8:105075
218You Can Have Peace of Mind5/27/2024 14:9:64839
219Your Disaster Checklist5/27/2024 14:6:543634
220Your First Nine Months5/28/2024 13:56:63452
221You're Invited5/27/2024 14:14:583367
222You're One-of-a-Kind5/28/2024 13:3:353833
223You're Special5/27/2024 14:5:464056

Receive Christ Prayer:

Lord, thank you for loving me and coming to earth to show us the way. I believe you died to pay for my sin and You were raised from the dead to give me eternal life. I want to turn from my sin and place my faith in You right now. Please come into my life and be my Savior and Lord. Show me how to live and help me to follow you always. In Your name I pray. Amen.

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